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Tuberosa Mughetto room diffuser

A lush floral scent with elegant tuberose notes and uplifting hints of lily of the valley.
100ml spray
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250ml with sticks
- +
500ml with sticks
- +
1250ml with sticks
- +
2500ml with sticks
- +
5000ml with sticks
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500ml refill with sticks
- +
2500ml refill with sticks
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5000ml refill with sticks
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100 ml - gift idea, accessory for wardrobes or very small, contained spaces


Home fragrances

For optimum diffusion of the fragrance, we recommend:

for rooms of 5 to 10 sq.m* - 1 or 2 bottles in a 250 ml size

for rooms of 10 to 20 sq.m* - 1 or 2 bottles in a 500 ml size

for rooms of 20 to 30 sq.m* - 1 or 2 bottles in a 1250 ml size

for rooms of 30 to 50 sq.m* - 1 or 2 bottles in a 2500 ml size

for rooms larger than 50 sq.m* - 1 or 2 bottles in a 5000 ml size


(*recommended based on calculations for a room with a ceiling height between 3 to 4.5 m)


Lily of the valley
Modern living area
Children’s room
Relaxation area
Tuberosa Mughetto is perfect for calming, de-stressing and lifting the mood.


Adjust the intensity

To adjust the intensity of the scent, turn all or only some of the provided sticks, once or several times per day.


Verify the duration

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the area in which it is located, its temperature, out of direct sunlight and drafts that can accelerate the evaporation. However, there are a few tricks to make the fragrance last longer:

  • When purchasing the diffuser, always match a refill of the same fragrance to use in small quantities, but more frequently. In this way you will be able to keep the level of the fragrance always on top of the curve, avoiding that the quantity of oxygen inside the bottle affects on the evaporation
  • Keep the fragrance out of heat sources
  • Combine to the area you wish to scent the right size of the bottle